Remember Botchamania from AZTV – B? Well series creator Maffew is a great lover of GamesMaster and has painstakingly uploaded most of the episodes to YouTube. Many attempts have been made at a video game based show (and even entire channels) since and nothing has ever really captured the public/youth like GamesMaster. You’d think something would have stuck around, what with the size of the industry and potential viewers you could capitalize on. Especially in the previous gaming generation where access to general info and the behemoth that is YouTube was less prevalent. So what about gaming based entertainment now? Sadly nothing TV related that I know of, but these are all worth a gander:

Zero Punctuation has an extensive back catalogue of reviews and is rather essential.

Fitz is a recent discovery and his bite size take on a wide mix of games are hilarious.

Yet to see much of Two Best Friends Play, but they come highly recommended.

Game Marriage just celebrated their first year and are the pinnacle of a rather clogged “let’s upload commentaries of us playing games on YouTube” market.

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