This section was going to be the main bulk of the entry, but sadly a multitude of things have obstructed my attempts. There still should be enough praise for you to purchase/view it immediately. But before you do that “This was a series of films! What is it doing here?” I hear you cry… Well the box-set of the trilogy (released in July 2010) includes the extended versions of the films re-cut to form a 6 episode TV mini series. I received the rather snazzy package at Christmas and devoured all 32,400 utterly enthralling seconds over the festive break.
The main (anti)heroin Lisbeth Salander is one of the most complex and riveting characters ever created and her transformation from page to screen is rather unrivaled. All facets or her unconventional, tenacious, prickly, damaged and rebellious nature are portrayed by Noomi Rapace with exemplary prowess. I certainly picked up a slither of a tormented superhero-esque story arc bubbling about. It certainly treads around the Rorschach view of justice and revenge and her photographic memory (which is theoretically impossible) acts as her power. The sheer level of commitment, physicality and general body altering for a single role is rarely seen, and that doesn’t even factor in the added baggage and the odyssey of emotions that she has to wade through. Her connection with the other main character Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) is wonderfully handled – with him being the lone person fully acceptable or her values, mindset and who she is.
The story really explores some gloomy personal and political areas and holds nothing back in both pointing fingers and shock value. If you are a fan of the recent rise of Scandinavian drama’s, this surely must be added to your wish/watch list. The modest budget and general look adds to it’s televisual feel, so the switch shouldn’t be that jarring. The rather pointless but passable re-make / re-do / re-working / re-shooting / re-imagining by exemplary filmmaker David Fincher is also well worth a watch. A few small tweaks and a his usual clinical gloss are the only new areas to added to. The sequels are in pre production now and should be out from 2014 onwards. I would much rather have Fincher use his time on fresh projects, but alas. WATCH THIS.

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