I totally forgot to mention (the probably awful, but oddly fond memories of) Dinosaurs when typing through the section on ‘D’, so this rather similar show of consisting of a mix of out-of-place-animal(s) and people-in-animal-costume(s) will take it’s place. I had a brief look back at Dinosaurs and it doesn’t stand up at all. A rather strange and cumbersome creation from the Henson puppeteering clan that has T-Rex sized nods to The Simpsons and The Flintstones, but lacks in nearly every department. The Harry And The Hendersons TV show (about a family who adopt a sasquatch and try to keep him hidden) was morphed and revamped from a 1987 film of the same name. The OSCAR WINNING* film starred John Lithgow (who makes his second appearance in this compendium) and I sadly can’t comment on it’s merits. Lithgow (and just about everyone else) was replace for the TV series that began in 1991. The man behind the costume was Kevin Peter Hall who you might know as also donning the Predator suit for the first 2 films.

The TV series was far from essential when I was growing up, but always provided a decent enough distraction. I remember it being rather charming if a tad unsure if it wanted to be a drama or comedy and not really excelling at either. I never had a fluffy based pet when growing up so maybe that’s where my odd fondness comes from?

*Best Makeup.

– Jamie Malcolm.

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